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  • theWing

    Virtually indestructible. Space saving. Stylish.


    theWing frees up valuable seat space in your car or truck for luggage, tack, dogs, boots, friends, and other miscellaneous items we equestrians can't live without. Plus its fully convertible to use on your show stall front. Hand-crafted out of the strongest lightweight aluminum, powder coated for extreme durability, and topped with a hand-sewn leather seat to protect your saddle. Multiple height options are built in to fit any make/model of car or truck without sacrificing your saddle's balance while travelling.

    • Safety

      The safety of theWing in the event of a collision has not been tested.  Customer assumes all risk of injury or loss,  upon purchase and use of theWing, and agrees to hold AeroEquine LLC, its members, and employees harmless in the event of injury or loss. 

    Color: Nutmeg